Our Team


Craig Bromell, President of The Building Union of CanadaCraig Bromell spent 26 years in dedicated service to the Toronto Police Service, where he crafted a solid reputation as a beat cop and Chief Union Steward at 51 Division. In 1997 he made the bold leap to President of the 7,500 member Toronto Police Association, a position he held until 2003.
In over a quarter century of service to Toronto and the rest of the nation, he became Board Director of the 25,000 Canadian Police Association (CPA), and Board Member of the 17,000 strong National Professional Police Association.

During his highly publicized command of the powerful Police Union, he was sought out by police forces across the continent; from Calgary to Chicago, and Texas to Los Angeles, he harnessed his leadership skills and bold persona to always seek out the best for the hardworking men and women that put their life on the line.

In 2006 Bromell was elected to the CANADIAN POLICE ASSOCIATION’S Hall of Honour, a prestigious honour shared with only eight other Veterans of Law Enforcement. Before entering the Television industry, he hovered at the top of talk radio with THE BROMELL SHOW, a show in which he hosted and saw him tackle the most difficult and pressing matters in a big city like Toronto. For four years on AM 640, he continually was the most listened to show on AM radio in his time slot. A major TV series was inspired by his police union career and from 2008-2010 CTV produced a series of 13 episodes of THE BRIDGE. Over 1.2 million viewers in Canada tuned in to watch the highly praised drama and it was distributed to over 40 countries worldwide.

Bromell returned to the Union Business in 2011 as a Consultant for CLAC, (Christian Labour Association of Canada) which after some startling success, led him to commit even deeper to the Union experience in Canada… In April of 2012, he launched THE BUILDING UNION OF CANADA, (BUC) a brand new union that aims to restore the pride and confidence in Union work once again.

Stephen Bromell – Treasurer

Stephen Bromell, Treasurer of The Building Union of Canada

Stephen Bromell joins the founding members of the BUC team with veteran status as a former Representative of the Christian Labour Association of Canada. With over a decade of delivering average ratification results of 94.7%, Stephen’s track record of Union organizing in the Health Care and Construction sectors is a testament to his commitment to the unprotected working men and women in Ontario. Through years of conducting site visits and processing grievances and rights arbitration cases at the Labour Board, Stephen’s great skill at building life-long relationships is an integral part of the steady growth of The Building Union of Canada.

DANNIS KOROMILAS – Director of Communications

Dannis Koromilas, Director of Communications of The Building Union of CanadaDannis Koromilas is a bestselling author and screenwriter whose credits include the CTV/CBS police drama The Bridge, based on the career of Former Toronto Police Union President Craig Bromell. After working as a biographer/ ghostwriter and gun for hire in New York, Los Angeles, and Australia, Koromilas co-authored of the #1 Bestselling Book CALL ME RUSSELL (Doubleday/Random House), the memoirs of Canadian Comedy superstar Russell Peters. Along with a penchant for politically charged material and an appreciation of how Unions in Canada are perceived in the media landscape, Dannis is overseeing the branding of BUC.


Bill Sotiropoulos, Vice President of The Building Union of Canada

For the last decade Bill has been employed in the High Rise, Low Rise and Forming sectors in the construction industry. His ground-up experience led him towards taking on the commitment of shop steward, where he undertook the care of workers concerns when there was a breach in the collective agreement on site.

Bill channeled his energy into all facets of the industry and also served as a certified Health and Safety Representative on job sites, keeping a vigilant watch that both employers and workers followed the occupational Health and Safety act and regulations. His dedication and work ethic pushed his career towards him evolving as a highly sought-out Union Organizer for Local 183.

A true survivor with an intense focus and dedication, Sotiropoulos’ Vice-Presidency of the Building Union of Canada is anchored by an uncompromising work ethic. He leads by example in ensuring that BUC fulfills its’ primary goal of restoring confidence in the Canadian workplace once again.

PETER FOULDS – Director of Operations

Peter Foulds, Director of Operation of The Building Union of Canada

Peter comes to the Building Union of Canada with over 30 years of front line policing experience from Service’s across Canada. As a member of the Hamilton Police Association Board of Directors, Peter served as Second Vice-President and Chairman of the Board. Re-elected five times, Peter served with pride and integrity, always protecting the rights of the members and ensuring fiscal responsibility. Peter also served provincially as a member of the Unity Committee and the Police Association of Ontario’s Executive Committee.

Known as an enthusiastic and keen investigator, Peter has now focused that energy on effecting change through ensuring that the Building Union of Canada is an industry leader in providing effective representation to the membership.