Our Values

  • In all actions and operations, BUC will conduct business with an adherence to the values essential to union existence and future development. An emphasis on these values is an elemental part of the BUC message and shapes every union decision, action or effort. These values include:
  • Conducting business with complete transparency
  • Recognizing and respecting the differences that all members bring to the organization
  • Involving members in planning and conducting the union’s business
  • Standing on principle regardless of trend or quick fix solutions
  • Fighting the right battles for the members and not simply engaging in easy but meaningless battles for the sake of winning
  • Holding Executive Board members accountable for their actions or inaction
  • Ensuring members’ money is handled carefully and conscientiously

Above all, BUC allows members to understand that they are part of something bigger and more powerful than themselves. The vested interest in the welfare of its’ members and the spirit of unification sustains it.