President’s Message

 President's MessageFrom Craig Bromell

With the Building Union of Canada (BUC) I intend on furthering the template of success that I created in my years as President of the 7,500 strong Toronto Police Association. I have always believed that a healthy construction industry is a key indicator of a strong economy. I have created BUC for the sole purpose of making things better for the men and women that work in the building sector.  There is a lot of room for improvement, from the quality of life of current union and non-unionized labourers, to more mutually beneficial contracts between Builders and BUC members.

My reputation for standing up for the members I represent has been heavily documented. I am a man of my word and action, and I look forward to meeting all of you as we continue to grow. This is the time to listen to what you the workers worry about. This is the time to rebuild the confidence of the Union experience in Canada.  My name is Craig Bromell and I am the President of the Building Union of Canada.  Welcome to a bold new chapter in Canadian History.